Save money and add value by tracking your workforce in real time.

National Healthcare Company


We’ve been working with a large National Healthcare company that needed a solution for managing their nurses who worked between hospitals and medical facilities.  The company’s challenge was that they had never been able to verify that the nurses were at the specific facilities at the specific times. The solution had to be easy enough for the nurses to use and allow them to place and receive calls in addition to registering short notes for each call.  The solution also had to include the ability for the managers and supervisors to have a dashboard that would allow them to see on a map where each nurse was in real time. 


After setting the company up with the TernioSwitch and Dashboard we were confronted by some specific challenges that we had not faced with other companies. They needed to be able to track each nurse with specific data that included where they were, what their status was, how the GPS signal was being sent, and what was the estimated accuracy of that signal- all continuously and in real time.

Our development team worked hard at pulling these requirements together, and after assisting the company to onboard their nursing teams, we heard early on that that the nurses started completing more than 4 times as many calls as before. They also said now that their supervising teams had the ability to listen in to these remote worker calls, they had the ability to coach the nurses on a weekly basis which increased the nurses overall productivity and they were completing cases by an increase of 300%. This was all in the first two months of using the TernioSwitch. They told us then that the app paid for itself!